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We sit down each year and start making resolutions about losing weight, saving money, or traveling more. But aside from organizing, what other aspirations do you have for your house? This year brought several demanding situations, including renovating your home with modifications and enhancement. In the spirit of fresh starts, we’ve compiled a list of new year’s goals to help you renovate your home that will make it more functional, efficient, clean, and an attractive place to live in 2023.

You’ve meticulously picked the property for your new place, or handpicked your magnificent new villa, and you’re still rejoicing in your accomplishment. The challenging part, though, comes now. It can be overwhelming to design your ideal home using only the developer’s floor plan as a guide. Well, this is where SPD Contracting company comes in! We are the best interior fit out company in Dubai, and offer a myriad of interior and exterior fit out services including civil and structural construction solutions for new and existing buildings. 

With more than 8 years of experience in home renovation design and contracting, the expert crew at our fit out company never fails to meet your needs and stay within your budget. We are a contracting company based out of Dubai and view every project as a huge opportunity, regardless of the size of the project. Whether you want to remodel the whole house or simply update your bathroom and kitchen, we are here to bring your vision to life.

If you are looking to transform the bare minimum house into a cozy and loving home, then you have come to the right place. It’s important to make a sound decision if you are planning to renovate our house in 2023. So, check out the myriad of services offered by SPD Contracting to come to the best possible conclusion.

Services offered by SPD Contracting

With the expansion of Dubai’s construction market, every fit out company in Dubai is expanding dramatically. To spice things up, homeowners want more than simply an aesthetic update. They want the design ideas for their home to be distinctive and reflect their vision. As soon as you finish describing how you want your dream house to look, the experienced designers at our contracting company will start the design layout process. When the design is complete, we secure the essential approvals from all pertinent authorities so that the building can begin. All types of home renovation projects can be completed by our in-house staff of skilled specialists. 

Services we offer:

  • Interior fit out 
    • Additions and structural modifications
    • Complete renovations of the kitchen and bathrooms
    • Suggestions for colors, finishes, and materials for in-house interior design
    • Installations of wet rooms and modern bathrooms
    • Tips on colors, finishes, and materials for bedroom décor
    • Wallpaper, textured finishes, and paint effects
    • Complete home renovation services
    • Tiling 
    • Plumbing 
    • Waterproofing 
    • Luxurious Bathrooms (divider in the bathtub or shower and lighting in the bathroom)
  • Exterior fit out 
  • Joinery – efficient flooring solutions and designs to give you a warm and rich experience
  • Civil works
  • MEP & HVAC
  • New build from scratch 
  • Round-the-clock maintenance

Know about the latest home renovation designs and trends that are catching homeowners’ interests in 2023. Consult with your most trusted contracting company so that start building your dream house as soon as possible!


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