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We indulge your perspective to produce the best fit-out works. We undertake a comprehensive approach towards your project from Design, Planning to Construction of Landscaping, Irrigation, water feature, Swimming pools and all external works. We are a niche market Interior & Exterior Company with our name attached to high-end luxury fit-out and landscaping projects.


For many people their ideal home, whether it is an apartment or a villa, is a lifetime’s ambition and their largest financial investment. At SPD Contracting we convert structures into homes and our goal is to ensure our customers’ private home project is a journey that successfully realises their ideals, weaving their aspirations into the fabric of the building.

We have a wealth of experience across residential projects of various shapes and sizes. Our team can work wonders with living spaces of numerous kinds and we offer a complete range of services. Having a depth understanding of working with private customers and delivering beyond their expectations, working with us you can feel confident that the company you selected for your project of a lifetime is professional and an expert in the trade.

Drawing on our wide range of experience, we can tailor solutions to customers’ specific wants and needs as we take care of the concept development, technical, research and planning, contractual, financial and stakeholder management aspects of the project to deliver it on time, within budget and to specification, as well as identifying opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings, both in the short and long term.


Investing in an office fit-out is a major decision for businesses, so it is important to choose a company that has experience in design as well as project management. At SPD Contracting we have expertise in both, on top of a significant amount of experience in creating commercial spaces and working in occupied buildings, from offices to banks and showrooms, to gyms and spas.

No matter the size of the project at hand, whether requiring a single office or a multi-floor project, our customers rely on us to form unique, engaging and sustainable work environments, renowned for aesthetic delight, space efficiency, intuitive functionality, ergonomic practicality, culminating in being conducive to productivity. Our customers come from a wide array of sectors and the vast majority of our work is by referral or repeat business.

Taking the time to understand your business and what it’s about, listening to your goals and values, and analysing your workspace, enables us to develop a cost-effective office design solution utilizing our turnkey solutions that reflects the objectives and future direction of your company, while ensuring that you experience a seamless transformation of the space into a modern and fully functioning office environment with minimal disruption to the work of your team.

Commercial Fitout


From hotels to restaurants, from lounges and coffee shops to night clubs, no two projects in the competitive hospitality industry are the same, and each captures the imagination of everyone involved.

Quality of customer experience is a crucial consideration in creating a space that customers want to repeatedly return to. SPD Contracting is transforming information into visual form to create designs that tell a story, captivating customers not only with facilities but also engaging them with aesthetics, resulting in maximizing revenue potential. Our rare blend of strategy, delivery expertise and knowledge of the business-critical success factors enables our customers and operators to make informed and timely decisions so that the project is delivered in a way that resonates with their local culture, their guests and their brand.

We understand the complexities and challenges of delivering developments that ensure the best guest or visitor experience while increasing speed to market, working within financial constraints and building sustainably. Whether you are starting from scratch, relocating, or expanding, our integrated service takes your projects from inception to construction through to operation, creating places which engage with cities, communities and people.


The retail industry is constantly evolving because of new ways to shop and the look and feel of a building can be crucial to success. The retail store design is ultimately an extension of the retail brand itself and it is more important than ever that stores are designed to engage shoppers and optimize their shopping experience.

The need to increase convenience for consumers means that retailers have had to change the way they do business. Whether they are shopping centres or individual shops, kiosks or stands, retail customers face challenges with demanding market expectations, tight commercial constraints and increasing sustainability targets.

At SPD Contracting we know that retail construction requires an awareness of the long-term effects of projects and our knowledge of the functionality of materials and construction techniques enables us to create durable spaces. From constructing your fit-out to providing consultancy services, we bring your visions and aspirations into reality and turn them into tangible success stories through increasing efficiencies, enhancing your performance and strengthening your market position. We design spaces that promote customer engagement, offer a world-class experience and drive footfall.

SPD Contracting is an innovative interior and exterior design and fit-out company


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