Interior Fit Out Services

SPD Contracting is the best interior design company to work with as it offers a range of interior fit out services under one roof, with a team of interior designers that will holistically coordinate all development and production processes for you from start to finish.

We are pleased to provide interior fit out contractor services to Dubai as experienced fit out contractors in the United Arab Emirates. Our skilled staff offers unmatched customer service and concentrates on delivering outstanding quality along with lasting results. Typical components of our turnkey fit out contractors include the installation of walls, flooring, ceilings, furniture, and MEP.

Fit outs for Commercial Interiors

As part of our overall services portfolio, we offer civil and structural construction services and interior fit outs for existing and new buildings. Moreover, as a leading interior design company, we aim to create and develop a space that is functionally aligned with its occupants’ needs. Designing the perfect floorplan is one thing, but making it a sophisticated and inviting place is another.

Holistic Approach

In our role as an interior fit out company, we handle every step of space preparation, including planning, permitting, production, delivery, and assembly, following industry standards.

Detail Orientated

Our team of interior fit out company is fully experienced in the services we offer. These include installing floors, ceilings, furnishings, interior decoration, and a variety of fixtures and fittings related to these components, including cabinets and countertops, complementary functional and decorative elements, and partitioning and doors.

Joinery Expertise

With our team of experienced joiners, we are able to provide high-quality and reliable joinery products & interior decoration, such as woodwork, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, wooden partitions, ceilings, and wall panels, which makes us the leading interior design company in Dubai.


Our interior fit out company is one of the best MEP contracting companies in Dubai, and our fit out services include the installation of all building’s MEP and HVAC systems. A comprehensive range of services that include cabling and wiring, water lines and sanitation, power distribution, ducting, fire detection, CCTV, internet connectivity, and internet connectivity.


In our experience as an interior fit out company, building services are typically invisible to individuals but presumed to exist. Our aim is that as soon as we deliver the building to you, you will be able to rest assured that it has been tested and retested, so it will always perform at its best.


Interior Fit out

Comprehensive interior Fit Out solution for your home, villa and office.


End-to-end joinery and carpeting solution for higher efficiency.

Civil Works

Execution of civil work through planning and execution of every project.


Installation of all building’s MEP and HVAC systems.

New Build

Detailed project planning and execution for ground-up projects.


Planning and Implementation of corrective and preventative techniques.


As an interior fit out company, what types of interior projects can you handle?

As a niche interior fit out contractor in dubai, we build high-end luxury fit outs and all types of interior fit out projects. Check out our projects by clicking the tab at the top of the page or Click Here.

What type of MEP and HVAC systems are you referring to?

The purpose of HVAC is to provide comfortable air conditioning for residential, commercial, and multi-use buildings. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Nevertheless, MEP contracting refers to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing considerations that go into designing and constructing buildings. One such consideration is HVAC.

Would it be possible to check the quality of the material before you use it for interior decoration & fit outs?

Our meeting for the project will allow us to discuss the materials we will be using for the interior decoration & fit outs.

Can you tell me more about the type of wood work you do as an interior fit out company for interior fit outs?

A key part of our role as an interior fit out contractor in Dubai is the installation of floors, ceilings, and furnishings, as well as a variety of fixtures, interior decoration and fittings related to these components, including cabinets and countertops, complementary functional and decorative elements, and partitions and doors.

Do you have a transparent relationship with your clients as an interior design company?

As an interior fit out company, we want you to know that when you receive your project, you can rest assured that it has been tested and re-tested in order to ensure its maximum performance.

Could you please let me know how I can get in touch with you regarding your products and services?

Feel free to contact us on +971589795706 or email us at So we can arrange a meeting or visit the site.

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