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Expert tips and advice to consider while planning for bathroom renovation

Renovating your bathroom is a vibe altogether specially if  its done with expert tips for bathroom renovation! Let’s be honest here, a bathroom is the one sole place where you can think of the best ideas. Also, it is more or less a retreat to catch your breath if you have a bunch of children running around or want to hide out for a little while when things get chaotic. Which is why you cannot take bathroom renovation lightly. However, redoing your bathroom interior is more complex than it sounds. There are a few things that could go wrong while renovating your bathroom. But worry not, we have curated a list for you to check before you start on your bathroom renovation so that you can avoid making any mistakes.

Lots of storage options

Well, there is no such thing as too many storage options. People often tend to forget how important it is to have adequate storage while revamping their bathroom interior. Proper storage must be planned while keeping future needs in mind.

Think of your regular chores, find the places where you spend time looking for stuff, and make storage arrangements accordingly. Butterfly hooks behind doors and corner racks in shower cubicles. There are some great options for placing towels and other items without them being too noticeable. This is where interior designers can be a great help as you can get professional advice about what storage options or furniture would be suitable according to the dimensions of your bathroom.

Consider the hardware

Fully electronic locks, card or fob-accessible locks, and typical single/double cylinder deadbolts and handle sets with thumb-turn knobs are available. When renovating a bathroom, consider replacing the standard locking method with one that allows locking and unlocking from both sides of the door since it proves to be more convenient.

Bathroom tiles and flooring

What’s the first thing that people need to use when they come over to your house? Yes, you’re right, it’s the bathroom! Flooring is one of the most crucial things that come to mind when laying out the bathroom interior design. It is essential to keep the space clean and hygienic. You need to ensure that water does not seep through the floor and walls, causing them to mold or any other damage. The best way to waterproof your bathroom is to tile the sides and the floor. Ideal for use in bathrooms and toilets, porcelain tiles come in a range of designs, sizes, shades, and textures.

If you have children or elderly family members living in your house, matte-finish tiles that aren’t slippery are the best option. However, there are also anti-skid or anti-slip tiling options available. In addition to adding color to the bathroom, choosing larger and diagonally set tiles gives smaller bathrooms the impression of much more space. 

Don’t forget the vents, folks!

Bathrooms must always have proper ventilation since they are constantly exposed to moisture from water and the steam released from hot showers and baths. A window is a solution, or you might use other venting methods like fans. In addition to removing scents, vents perform the vital task of removing moist air from the space, which gives a crisp and fresh feel whenever you enter the bathroom. You can consider ventilation options such as ceiling-mount fans (if you have enough space in the bathroom), in-line fans, wall-mount fans, or vent switches.

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